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Frequently Ask Question

1. What is CII Market Place?
CII Market Place facilitates members and non-members to network with buyers and sellers to get the leads. Buyers get the best and authentic products whereas Sellers get the business leads from verified Buyers.
2. Who can register Products & Services?
Only CII Members can register their Products & Services. Non-Members can register their products and services only after taking CII membership.
3.Can Non-Members register as buyers?
Yes, both CII members and non-members can register as buyers on this platform.
4. Who can register as sellers?
Only CII Members can register as sellers on this platform. Non-Members can register as sellers only after taking CII membership.
5. Can registered users sell their products & services on this platform?
No. This platform facilitates networking among buyers and sellers. Once sales lead is generated, participating members, can connect with potential buyers and connect to close the deal.
6. Who should I contact for help?
Those who need help regarding CII Market Place can write to info@cii.in or call membership helpline at 1800 103 1244.
7.Is there any registration charge for registering on this platform?
No. CII does not charge any fee for registering on this platform.